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Coming in autumn of 2023, Madeleine DeNitto is curating a

six-week avant-garde exhibition.





Howland Cultural Center

477 Main Street

Beacon, NY

Opening on Saturday, October 7, 2023

Closing on Sunday, November 11, 2023

This six-week exhibition will include a carefully curated collection of avant-garde pieces, including sculptures, paintings, metal works, collage and graffiti. There will also be a different evening event each weekend, including an educational lecture on the full avant-garde movement, live music, spoken word and film.

Curator – Madeleine DeNitto


 Art Handler – Clayton Scales



Music and visual expression were the very first waves of Madeleine's early childhood and thus, studies began after an art show win around the age of four where exploring visual arts became a daily pastime while alone, in classes or in private lessons throughout her childhood. 


Madeleine was especially fortunate to learn various mediums from textbook author, Dr. Rosalind Ragans for nearly a decade. Through Dr. Ragans, she was exposed to new mediums such as Indonesian batik, glazing  pottery in kilns. With additional private lessons in watercolor and basket weaving from Ruth Hibbs, she was able to experiment further with what mediums she found success and delight. 


Before leaving college for NYC, Madeleine studied with Dr. Stephen Bayless, who was particularly full of encouragement for her sketch work. However, this was also the point when she fell into photography, which is what stunted her continued growth with her previous mediums. It was not until her late twenties that she turned to her mother’s preferred medium of oil to experiment, but because photography served as such an instant gratification and allowed her more versatility and portability, she sought out for more of what she felt was quick and simple, compared to all else that she had learned. 


It was later in her mid-30’s, while living in New York that Madeleine leapt into more studies through the International Center for Photography with Darius Himes and Joanna Hurley and through workshops with landscape photographer, Curtice Taylor and writer, Peter Markus. It was during this time when she became recognized for her eye in shooting images that drew special attention. This attention led to being published with Scholastic, Cambridge University Press and later with a German publisher for the “Indie Travel Guide”, which was published in Europe and released in the United States in 2009. In addition, posters using her images were displayed in Barnes & Noble in NYC. Madeleine's work was also on exhibit with small shows in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Charleston, SC. 


Once leaving the city temporarily for Charleston, SC, Madeleine's work went on hiatus for about four years until returning to New York, relocating in the Hudson Valley. Having currently resided in the valley for nearly thirteen years, this special area has certainly served as a new inspiration, thus, she is now pivoting back to her original background, making a decision to return to multi-media art, reviving work in pencil, oil, watercolor, pastel and charcoal while also experimenting with outdoor sculpture installations on top of her mountain property.  Her sketches and photography have been shown in Beacon venues over the years. 

To take an even further dive back in to the art world, Madeleine accepted a position at Magazzino Italian Art in 2022, as well as securing dates for the fall of 2023 to curate a six-week avant-garde exhibition at Howland Cultural Center, set to run from Saturday, October 7th through Sunday, November 11th.

For more information about the avant-garde exhibition, please click the link below.

NO NAME | NO SLOGAN  The Brasiles Arts Collective Avant-Garde Exhibition

For more information about her art, please check her social media pages regularly.

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